Kansas State Motto

The Kansas state motto has traditionally been, Ad astra per aspera: "To the stars through difficulties."

But after the recent education board boondoggel, it has become very apparent that any child educated in Kansas will have a hard time learning enough real science to reach the stars.

I think it's time Kansas had a new state motto. I'm taking submissions!

Proposed is my "Top 10 List" of new Kansas State Mottos:

10."Competing with India and China by supplying cheap, unskilled labor"
9. "You want fries with that?"
8. "Striving to be as educated as George W. Bush"
7. "Any ol' explanation will do."
6. "Leaving no science based businesses un-evicted"
5. "Screw the stars - Wal-Mart's exotic enough"
4. "Land of the Art Major."
"We're always at our best - mediocre"
2. "
Pursuing the trivial and tolerating the third rate"
1. "Kansas - There's no end to what we can't do"

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