Lousy Thanksgiving

Perhaps some reader out there may be wondering why I haven’t made a recent update to my blog. The reason why there are no updates is because I’ve come down with a cold.

Over Thanksgiving. Bleh.

Wednesday morning I started feeling ill – that beginning of blurriness that signifies an oncoming cold. By that afternoon, it had settled into my lungs and I had developed a vocal tone that sounds like a gravely Barry White. (It’s disappointing that it takes a runny nose to give me a sexy voice!)

I spent Thanksgiving Day asleep. All day. The same for today too – only awakening at 6PM. It’s 8PM now, and I’m already tired again.

I’ve had so many ideas for blog entries – I’ve even made little notes for me to follow up on. That’s the good thing about fevers – it creates a very fertile imagination. But I’m not able to actually act on these ideas because I just can’t summon the energy for the required research.

It doesn’t help that some ideas are just fever-crazy. (Note to self – scratch out the idea of doing research to link were-wolf legends to Wall Street stock market.)

Okay, I can feel my concentration wavering – so I’m off to take a little nap again. Perhaps until tomorrow.

What a rotten way to spend a 4 day vacation.

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