How much is your blog worth?

Dane Carlson's blog "Business Opportunities" is completely described in his blog title.

Dane created a wonderful tool that will tell you how much your blog is really worth. This information can be dangerously humbling. So use it wisely.

For example, I thought I was doing okay until I saw that my blog is worth only $564.54.


For comparison here are some other blogs I read:

Bad Astronomy Blog - - $154 Thousand
Google Blog - - $2.5 Million
Daily Kos - - $6.1 Million
Boing Boing - - $9.9 Million

I guess I have a way to go.

Hmm. I guess I could make something of my sister's blog being worth zero dollars - but that's only because Livejournal is even less of a blog site than is Blogger. I'll bet she has a wider readership than do I.

Hey Sis - we're using blogs on training wheels!

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Anonymous said...



Internet access, $14/mo.
Livejournal membership $25/yr.

Showing pics of me in drag on the internet to everybody...