Repugnacant idiot

Okay, I told myself to calm down, but then this conservative whacko blogger opens her mouth and sticks her foot in.

Of course, like any true conservative whacko, she goes in guns blazing without bothering to check the facts first.

I've got a question for Ms. Malkin - and I can't ask her directly because unlike myself, SHE doesn't allow comments on her blog. (No wonder, really. If she's a Dubya clone, she, like Dubya, won't listen to bad news.)

Okay, here's the question... Ms. Malkin, to show my support for this country I completed a very easy document, sort of a questionnaire. Could you do the same?

If you REALLY support our troops, I don't see how you could do less. 1,996 dead American military have completed this form, along with over 15,000 wounded.

Yes, it's the Military Enlistment Form, DD Form 4/1.

I've said it before - if you are a right wing chickenhawk, then perhaps you don't have the right to squawk about 'staying the course' in a war situation that was started by a lie, and has no clear plan of action, nor of exit.

Ms. Malkin, you should show some integrity and intelligence - instead of what you are currently doing.

Just a little advice from a Veteran.

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