Mission Accomplished? Really?

I was taking a look at the Iraq Coalition Casualty Count just to see what we've actually accomplished since the 1 May 2003 Bush proclamation of "Mission Accomplished"

You've probably heard that we're up to 1,996 American deaths so far (and looking to hit 2,005 before the end of '05).

Perhaps you've even heard that 1,857 of our troops died since the "Mission Accomplished" proclamation. That's old news, right?

The media isn't very good at getting this across to us all, for some reason.

We're so jaded about this all. No one gets to see the deaths, the flag draped coffins, the grieving widows.

Perhaps a live action map will bring it all home to you? I'm warning you - this is gut-wrenching.

The media, our soldiers, and their families have rightfully complained about their (lack of) armor. We have the technology to better protect them, but we just can't seem to get our act together. Still, our troops are better off than in wars past, the lack of armor and medical techniques in the Korean War allowed many more of our troops to die. Instead of casualties, we get a lot more wounded.

So it's instructive to check on the number of wounded, which currently stands at 15,220. And these aren't just minor wounds - these people have lost limbs and eyes. Many have permanent brain damage. You can read their stories.

I've yet to find a coherent explanation of why we went to war when we did.
And no one seems to know when we'll be done, when we will leave.
What's the PLAN, Dubya?

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