Vampire Author finds God

Anne Rice has converted to Christianity.

That's right, the author of all those spooky Victorian Vampire novels is born again.

Anne Rice as you know invented "The Vampire Lestat." If you've read the "Vampire" novels you'll remember that Anne Rice loves to use homoerotic images.

If you're a real fan, you may know she also wrote the best Bondage & Sado-masochism trilogy since "The Story of O". For extra points, you might also know that she wrote a "Lolita" style almost-but-not-quite child porn novel.

And now she's written the first book of a religious trilogy about the life of Jesus Christ, told in 'his' own words. She admits in taking liberties with the gospel story.

Anne Rice says she loved "The Passion of Christ" - and no wonder, the flogging and homoerotic images have made it an underground hit in the Gay Leather crowd.

I can't wait to see what she has in store for the son of God.

If he were real, he'd be upset about this, I'm sure.

The only question I have is, should I put the Christ trilogy between the Vampire books and the Beauty series on my bookshelf? Or between the Beauty series and Belinda? Decisions, decisions.

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