Calladus on Skepticality!

I'm appearing in today's issue of the Skepticality podcast (Skepticality issue #72). I had the pleasure and honor of talking with fellow geek Derek Colanduno, who interviewed me for Skepticality.

For those of you unfamiliar with Skepticality, it is the official podcast of Skeptic Magazine, so the hosts of Skepticality work together with Michael Shermer. My interview served to announce the upcoming debate between Shermer and D'Souza, hosted by the New Covenant Community Church and to plug the Central Valley Alliance of Atheists and Skeptics.

Others mentioned in this podcast are CVAAS co-founder Richard, who has been gracious in developing the CVAAS website and is perhaps even more involved with CVAAS than I am; and Scott Hatfield, writer of the blog Monkey Trials and all around defender of science and evolution.

For those of you who have found your way to my blog through the Skepticality podcast – if you want a skeptical taste of what I write I recommend my entry titled, “Testing the counterfeit money detector pen by DriMark". James Randi has said in the past that these sorts of pens can be fooled with spray-on starch – well, being a Skeptic I didn't take even the Amazing Randi at his word, and instead I tested his assertion. The article that resulted from that test has been extremely popular.

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