Moderation Policy

Comment Moderation Policy

Last update 12 August 2013

The rules are:
  1. I'm the dictator of my blog.  If you have come here expecting free and unrestricted speech, then I am sorry to say you've come to the wrong spot.  
  2. But you're in luck.  I'm the best kind of dictator - a benevolent dictator!
    • I use a mostly Laissez Faire policy to govern the comments in my blog
    • I won't block a comment merely for insulting me or using coarse language
    • "Yes Men" get on my nerves, so I often seek out opposing opinions.
  3. Still, I'm not interested in allowing you the freedom to run amok.  If you continue to be a jerk then I'll decide you will probably be happier commenting elsewhere.  I'll help you out by making it impossible for you to comment here.
  4. No multiple posts of the same content.  I'll warn you the first time you do it, and I may or may not warn you a second time - depending on your post.
  5. I encourage pseudonymity.  If it was good enough for Publius then it is good enough for you.  You can also use your real name if you wish.  However, if you are truly anonymous then I may not allow your comment to go through, at my whim.
    • Sock Puppetry is not allowed.  If I discover you are a sock puppet, I will ban you.
  6. Spam - Do not spam my blog.  That's an automatic block
    • I actually don't mind link-whoring if you can do so as part of the point of your text.  If you are trying to explain something that is already well explained on your blog, as part of your response to one of my blog posts, then by all means, link to it!
    • But being clever about link-whoring may get you banned.  If your link doesn't contribute to the discussion, I get to play with it.  Maybe I'll edit the link to actually make it relevent.  Maybe I'll delete the link but leave the words.  Maybe I'll just play with you.  I might not ban you, just to see how you react.
    • If you actually want to advertise on my site, send me an email.  You can find my info on the "about me" page.  I'll have my people call your people!
  7. Robots - Don't be a robot.  
    • (See rule 6)
  8. Do not plagiarize!  I hate that.  If / when I discover it, I'll give you  one warning.  After that you risk being banned.
    • You can copy and paste text that comes under Fair Use or Creative Commons exceptions, as long as you link to where you got it, or reference the source.
  9. Psychosis.  Yes, sometimes psychotic people post in comments.  If it becomes obvious to me that you are operating with some form of psychosis then I will block further comments.  I may even delete previous comments
    • I feel for you - I've known people who suffered from various degrees of psychosis.  But if you are having difficulties with reality, if logic and reason escape you, then I won't allow your comments.
  10. This policy is subject to change at my whim.  You don't get a say in that.
    • See rule 1.
  11. After all that has been said here, I still encourage you to have fun!  Relax, say something rude if you like.