Feeling about a quart low

Today is the National Day of Reason as you might recall me mentioning earlier. I took an hour out of work today to go give blood in honor of the occasion.

As you may know this day falls on the national “Day of Prayer”, completely by coincidence I’m sure.

The religious prayed while the secular gave blood. Let’s see which group manages to save a life through their actions today.


Anonymous said...

I peed in a cup today. Does that count for anything? :-)

Anonymous said...

Ha! Well, perhaps. Was it part of your background check for employment at the Red Cross? Something like that would rate a lot of points in my book.

Uhm. I really hope it wasn't court mandated. That would bite.

Hey, it looks like you had a blast at the New Church Conference!

lor said...

maybe you can make a 8 second comment here, Chris, and set off another firestorm :)

oh, by the way, in answer to your question, I think they both did.