Pope Hovind

Short news article about Tax Protesters, including Kent Hovind who is currently "doing a dime" in Federal Prison. From the article:
The duo "hadn't filed tax returns ever, to my knowledge," testified IRS Agent Scott Schneider, the former Army interrogator who led the investigation. "He tried to stress to me that he was like the pope and [his business] was like the Vatican," a member of the Christian Law Association said of Kent Hovind, who explained to the lawyer with "a great deal of bravado" how he had "beat the tax system." On his Internet radio program, Hovind had previously declared that he was not a citizen of the United States and therefore was not subject to taxation.
Hovind seems to be making the best of it all, according to his blog:

As much as I wish I were home with my family and staff and back out preaching, and as much as I still don’t understand what I did wrong or why this all happened, I do know it is my duty to forgive those who hurt me and my family (that’s been hard!) and to reach those I meet for the Lord. We had a great revival in G2O at the county jail and I am trusting God to do the same here.

Maybe God is allowing me to see and experience this to prepare me to serve during the one-thousand year reign of Christ (Luke 19:19). Maybe it is so I will better understand the broken hearts of millions of innocent people who have been jailed, beaten or killed over the centuries by heartless dictators or ruthless governments. Maybe there are dozens of other reasons known only to God, but this I know: God is too good to make a mistake. I’ve served God too long (38 years) to doubt His wisdom. Just as Moses only got to see God after He passed by (Exodus 33:22), I have learned that I often see God’s hand after He’s done.

Maybe God asked Kent Hovind to give up his silly dinosaur park to evangelize inmates instead. Perhaps Hovind just refused to hear God's calling, and so was yanked, Jonah-style, into "God's Plan." Then again, he might be where he is due to his own greed and poor planning.

I'm amazed that Hovind still claims that he didn't know what he did wrong. I think he should stay at "Club Fed" until he figures it out - like a bad little boy sent to his room to think it over.

And as long as he is claiming that he's not a citizen of the United States, then I think it would be best if he were deported upon his release from prison camp. I just don't know which country would accept him.

More on Hovind here.


Anonymous said...

See if Iraq will take him.

Anonymous said...

That's just mean. Don't you think the Iraqis are having enough troubles?