Hateful Christians (Answers in Genesis)

I usually don't comment on anything in Answers in Genesis because I hold those contemptible nitwits at the same level of Fred Phelp's clan. But they've come out and said something so hateful that I think it deserves notice. AIG has made the assertion that the only reason they are moral is for fear of eternal punishment.

This is a very scary statement. It makes me fear for my life from these god people.

Think about it, their whole claim here is that if you don't believe in God, then it is actually okay to steal, rape, or even murder other people. Why is it okay? Because pleasing ourselves is the only thing that matters. From their website:
If we evolved from lower life forms, then the Bible isn't true and we are no more than animals. So why should we listen when it says to be fair, to be kind and to love our fellow human beings? The only thing that matters is pleasing ourselves at the cost of whomever gets in our way.
This is scary. This is an admission that losing faith in God will result in a murderous rampage by Christian zealots because the threat of Hell's fires is the only thing keeping them on the straight and narrow. If they have a bad day, and feel like God deserted them, what would stop a Christian from picking up his hunting rifle and blowing someone away?

Nothing at all. If a Christian has a crisis of faith, even temporarily, he is nothing more than an unrestrained killing machine. That's what AIG is implying.

And we all know that good Christians never commit murder, never steal, never rape, because there are no Christians in jail, right?

And we all know that good Christians never use their religion to justify murder, right?

Truthfully, this sort of nonsense makes me even more uncomfortable around those Christians who believe this fertilizer. I feel safer being with an Atheist who believes it is immoral to steal, rape, or kill out of empathy, compassion, and respect for their fellow humans.

And I want to really thank AIG for really driving home this image to me. Now, when I look into a passionate Christian's eyes I'll see a cold-blooded killer, barely restrained from mayhem by the threat of God's wrath.

Update - 29 Nov 06

I've made a second entry in regards to this subject in answer to a comment from Daniel Lewis from AIG. You can read it here.


Scientia said...

Not to be flippant, but you seem to have inadvertently confirmed an intuition I had anyway: that people who are violently anything would be violently everything if they didn't have a convenient focus.

And in the case of the ChristiaNazis, an audience for their endless fund of passionate stupidity.

Hoodlum said...

Their new banner ad, http://sagereport.blogspot.com/2006/11/more-lies-from-answers-in-genesis.html is even worse because they blame racism, even Christian racism, on evolution.

Anonymous said...

yes, I've seen that too.

Actually this is good, the more transparently hateful AIG becomes, the more of a joke they will be.

By their hate, you'll know them.

Anonymous said...

The basic point being that biblical Christianity teaches Christians to love each other and to love their enemies. Very few (if any) other religions teach to love your enemy.

You haven't studied any other religions, at all, ever, have you?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comment Mr. Lewis,

I replied to it in a blog entry.