Comment Moderation is turned on


This isn't quite 'Liberty Hall' but you're more than welcome to cozy up to your keyboard, have some chocolate, and call the cat a bastard! (It would only be truth - Cisco's dad is nowhere to be found.)

I apologize for turning on comment moderation, but my poor blog has received some silliness as of late. I hate censorship, but I also dislike graffiti and will scrub it away when I get to it. I don't mind blog whoring too much, as long as what you say is relevant to the entry you're commenting on. (But don't overdo it!)

You are welcome to grumble about the lousy management of this blog, and tell the world what you think of me. However, I consider a hundred cut and paste instances of 'you suck' to be childish, and will delete them with extreme prejudice.

Once this bout of silliness settles a bit, I’ll re-examine comment moderation.

Until then I’ll do my best to imitate a benign dictator.

Update - I turned off comment moderation on 12 Oct 06 to celebrate Freethought Day.

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