Christian IDiots attack Fresno!

The Northside Christian Church of Clovis California will be holding an Easter service on Sunday (April 16) at the Fresno Save Mart Center. There will be thousands of people in attendance at this 18,000-seat arena.

The Northside Christian Church is nondenominational, but according to their web site:
Northside shares in the Restoration Movement that began back in the 18th century. The purpose of this movement was to restore New Testament Christianity as is prescribed in the Bible. Therefore, we follow the Bible in everything that we do.
"Restore New Testament Christianity" and "... follow the Bible in everything we do..." to me, this means that the church will definitely not be marrying anyone who was previously divorced, because as you know, Jesus was extremely clear that divorce is a sin, and marrying a divorced person is adultery. (There are exceptions - a man can divorce an adulterous wife, and either the man or woman is allowed to divorce a non-believer.)

But I'd bet a steak dinner that Northside Christian Church welcomes remarried people. I'll also bet that same dinner that they would be glad to marry people who are previously divorced.

I'm sure that some bright religious theocrat will be glad to tell me why marrying divorced people is okay - but they would only be tap-dancing to interpret the Bible to their own liking. It really doesn't bother me one way or another - it only serves to highlight the standard Christian hypocrisy.

What does bother me is that Northside Christian Church is dragging Dan Breeding's "Creatures of Creation Wild Animal Show" into the arena. Dan is known for his appearances in many places where he says stupid things like, "See how perfectly God created the Eagle's claws for grasping it's prey?" As if eagles have always existed as they were created on Day Five, approximately 6 to 10 thousand years ago.

Give me a break!

The stated purpose of Creatures of Creation is listed in their 1st Quarter 2006 newsletter, Volume 1, Issue 1, under "Laying a Foundation:" (Link to newsletter in PDF format)
Creatures of Creation Ministries aspires to glorify God by providing educational and entertaining family resources and outreach programs that focus on God's amazing creation from a Biblical perspective. In order to do this effectively, the ministry must also tear down the evolutionary strongholds propagated by the secular animal industry, entertainment industry, media, and public education system. There are both deconstruction and reconstruction components to the Creatures of Creation ministry strategy, but the ultimate goal is to glorify God. One way to do this is to showcase our Creator's amazing animals and explain their unique design and God-given characteristics while pointing out that man is the only creature created in God's image. The foundation is then laid for explaining man's fallen state and proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
"Secular animal industry?" What does THAT mean? They're talking about zoos, aren't they? It would figure because Creationists get angry when a zoo (like the Houston Zoo or San Diego Zoo) uses evolution to explain why a Boa Constrictor's 'spurs' are really the remnants of ancestral limbs.

But what is really scary is that these bozos are aiming at the schools. Their goal is to overturn science-based education and replace it with biblically 'revealed' education. If Mr. Breeding had his way, public schools would teach that man (does that include woman too?) is created in God's image, and that he is a fallen, sinful creature that can only be saved through God's grace and the suffering of Jesus.

Screw Biology class. Toss out any physics too, because that leads to cosmology, and the Bible already addresses that.

In what way is a Bible-based school different from an Islamic madrassa? Perhaps you'd say that teaching the Quran in school encourages martyrs. Hmm. That sounds kind of like the Army of God, Christian Identity, Christian Reconstructionism, and other Christian extremists.

From where I'm sitting, I'm really having a hard time telling the Christian extremists from the Islamic extremists.

Funny that. So why am I not laughing?

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Scientia said...

Erm, you're not laughing because it's really freaking scary. Almost all organized religion is (what isn't is pointless). *laughs out loud* On the other hand, the very phrase "secular animal industry" is enough to make my day.