Yet another Religious Cartoon Controversy!

First it was the savage attack of Spongebob Squarepants on James Dobson and the rest of Christianity. Then it was the insensitivity of a set of political cartoons about Muhammad. And now, rabid cartoonists have assaulted another religion!

Oh the horror! Can no one put an end to this lunacy? Can no one still the cartoonist’s pen? Should Photoshop be banned and Art School be declared immoral?

Alas! That good religion, Scientology, has come under attack!

Scientology is the only religion that affirms that your soul, your ‘Thetan’ has existed, and will continue to exist for eternity. Scientology is the only religion that teaches you to master yourself, and the world around you through pure mind over matter powers of a “Clear.”

The founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, discovered that you, YOU dear friend, are being held back from your real potential – of success, love, wealth, happiness. You’re held back due to your poorly trained mind, and due to the evil Xenu who's work has allowed a whole lot of other clueless Thetans to clog you up by being stuck to your body.


What Hubbard discovered was that if you really want to be rich and powerful, you should invent your own religion. He did – he died a very wealthy man. (He also died drunk and drug addicted too – but we won’t mention that.)

Scientology could really give a rat’s ass about any other religion in the world. But question their religion and they are first off the mark to scream “Religious Intolerance!

Isaac Hayes – who used to play ‘Chef’ in the cartoon “South Park” before he ran off in a huff - is the latest example of Scientology hypocrisy.

Pressure seems to have been brought against Comedy Central to not air the episode where Scientology was taunted. Scientology owns a lot of Hollywood – so I would not be surprised to find this rumor confirmed.

The only thing that Scientology lawyers are really BAD at doing is suppressing Scientology information on the Internet. It’s sort of like a game of Whack-A-Mole. They swing a mallet at one mole-head and 5 more pop up. I have no idea why they thought they could suppress South Park – that’s just dumb.

If you want to watch the entire episode in question, you can download it in AVI or Real Media format, for free, from the Scientology critic web site, The episode is called, “Trapped in the Closet.”

WHACK! Missed again!


Scientia said...

*laughs* They have Whack-A-Devils down here. Again with the Bible Belt. Maybe for Scientologists it would be Whack-A-Xenu?

The South Park episode is hilarious. Not only does it make fun of Scientology, but the title is a reference to Tom Cruise's and John Travolta's alleged closeted homosexuality. Gotta love Matt Stone and Trey Parker- managing to piss off 2/3 of Hollywood in one swell foop.

I think you’d also like the Onion’s article on Scientology- “Scientology Losing Ground to New Fictionology”.

Anonymous said...

I could not believe that the South Park show gave away the entire Xenu Story!

It takes a couple hundred thousand dollars of training before a Scientologist learns of it.