Movie being made about the Dover Intelligent Design trial. ID is rubbish.

I read from the Blogging Sundance blog that Paramount Pictures is going to create a film based on the Dover, Pennsylvania ID trial. The intent seems to be to make the film emotionally powerful - which to me means showing the human face of the ID crowd. I wonder how easy it will be for the film to portray ID’ers as dupes or liars?

Most of the comments to the blog entry at the time of my visit were rationally based, but one gentleman seems to have fallen hook, line and sinker for the ID bait. From the comments to this blog entry:
For anyone who is interested in learning that ID is not Creation(ism) and why it is scientific, please visit:

... if anyone watched two pro-ID videos- "The Privileged Planet" and "Unlocking the Mystery of Life", you would see that ID us based on scientific data.
ID is NOT Religion, and is NOT creationism? What part of 'Intelligent' and 'Design' is not understood? Can anyone seriously suggest that ‘Design’ is not equal to ‘Create’ in this usage? Are ID’ers suggesting that ‘Intelligent’ really means ‘Extraterrestrial’ or something equally silly?

ID is NOT science because it offers NO falsifiable theories. None. Not a one. If you don’t understand what a falsifiable theory is, then you have no business even talking about ID and evolution - you haven’t educated yourself enough to do so! ID is no more science than is the Invisible Pink Unicorn or the Flying Spaghetti Monster, which are theories that also cannot be falsified.

Every single Creationist claim that ID is some sort of science and that evolutionary theory is flawed has been shot down, ripped up and burned. But ID’ers will dishonestly run away and bring up that very same discredited ‘evidence’ all over again to a new audience.

It’s like fighting an insane illusionist. He pulls a rabbit out of his hat in front of a wowed audience, and a few in the audience stand up and point out how he did it. The illusionist then runs away to entertain a different audience. When he runs out of people who don’t know how his trick works, he invents a new trick.

Educate yourself. Every claim an ID proponent makes has already been debunked. (Check out Talk Origins) Put down the Bible and pick up a really ‘Good Book’ - preferably a college level Biology textbook from a University without a religious agenda.

Learn about the "Watchmaker" and how it was debunked, and you will debunk the "Mystery of Life" video. As for "the Privileged Planet" not being religion or creationism, all you need to realize is that the movie was funded by the Crowell Trust, who’s mission is to spread evangelical Christianity, and that the book the movie was based on was co-authored by the vice president of the Discovery Institute.

There are two types of Creationist - those who believe the Creationist lies that are told to them, and those who lie about Creationism. Just like we saw at the Dover trials - Creationists will LIE. They lie because they are afraid that Christianity is threatened by the theory of evolution.

Perhaps they lie because they realize that their own religious beliefs cannot be supported by evidence, and are therefore in danger of being identified as rubbish.

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