Fighting evolution

I’d like to tell my readers something profound about Atheism, about human rights – but right now I’m too busy fighting against evolution.

Uhm, perhaps I should say I’m fighting against a highly evolved species of Bacteria.

I’m not sure what this little beastie is; at this point the possible suspects are E.coli O157, Salmonella, or perhaps Listeria. The bugs (or their toxins) probably introduced themselves, unnoticed, yesterday at some point. I suspect the mayonnaise, but in all likelihood – without a food diary I’ll never know.

In any case, I spent the day in bed, (mostly – there were frequent trips to the… well, you get the idea) so I didn’t do any work on my challenge. It’s hard enough to think in a linear fashion right now, even after I’m mostly recovered. (Dang; that was FAST! Way to go immune system! You rock!) In fact, after I post this it’s off to bed again because tomorrow I’m determined to be at work.

Now would be my chance to say something witty about how bacteria have evolved to use people as hosts – or some such, but really I’m too tired to care about doing the necessary research to back up my words.

Under the heading of 'interesting self-torture' – Reader’s Digest forums are always a great place to watch religious moonbattery. If you can stomach a high density of self-righteous, indignant, condescending ignorance, this is the place to watch the mindless bump into each other. You’ll need an account to participate – but it’s free and painless. The interface is terrible - you have to use the search feature to find anything of real interest. I used 'evolution' as my search term.

Lastly, if you want to help me out with propagating my challenge to religious evolution-deniers, then I’d appreciate it. I’ve been trying to find places to work it in without hijacking any forums – but I haven’t had much… ah… time to do so today.

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Scientia said...


I hope you're feeling better now; this particular type of evolution has always held a horrible fascination for me, but it sucks to experience it firsthand...