Your silence speaks volumes

Okay, this falls under the category of ‘we should have known this would happen’.
In the days after U.S. Judge John E. Jones III issued his decision in Dover's intelligent design case, outraged people sent threatening e-mails to his office.

Jones won't discuss details of the e-mails, or where they might have come from, but he said they concerned the U.S. Marshals Service.

So, in the week before Christmas, marshals kept watch over Jones and his family.

While no single e-mail may have reached the level of a direct threat, Jones said, the overall tone was so strident, marshals "simply determined the tenor was of sufficient concern that I ought to have protection."

And conservative commentator Phyllis Schlafly chided him for going against the wishes of fundamentalist Christians.

"Judge John E. Jones III could still be chairman of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board if millions of evangelical Christians had not pulled the lever for George W. Bush in 2000," Schlafly wrote less than two weeks after the decision. "Yet this federal judge, who owes his position entirely to those voters and the president who appointed him, stuck the knife in the backs of those who brought him to the dance in Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District."
Judge Jones was appointed to uphold the law. As a judge, he’s supposed to put his personal feelings aside and rule according to the law – no matter if he disagrees or agrees with it.

I respect that Judge Jones is a conservative Republican, a Bush appointee, but he was still able to avoid cronyism and any sort of ‘higher calling’ in order to decide the Dover case on it’s merits, and according to law. That shows true integrity.

Jones also spoke about the remarks made by Anne Coulter:
At a speech in Little Rock, Ark., this month, Coulter was quoted as saying, "We need somebody to put rat poison in Justice Stevens' crème brulee."

Jones said such remarks could fuel irrational acts by misguided individuals thinking they're being patriotic.
"There is an element here that is acting like it is open season on judges," Jones said.
I don’t know why Coulter has any sort of audience today. Everything she says is of the blackest evil. I automatically lose respect for anyone who agrees with her, or provides her a forum for her views. Hey, it’s a free world and you’re free to say how badly you hate liberals, you’re free to call liberals ‘traitors’ as Ms. Coulter does.

But when you have a brainwashed audience, and you say things like, “It would be nice if someone killed that evil liberal,” you are no longer just giving your opinion. Anne Coulter is advocating murder, while ingeniously positioning herself to refuse any of the blame for her words.

I like to think that people in America who advocate such evil are in the minority – but it’s hard to believe that when they are so LOUD! If you’re a conservative, and you think Coulter is evil (or at least wrong) then why aren’t you SAYING something?

If you’re religious, and you disagree with Phyllis Schlafly’s belief that Judge Jones is some sort of ‘Judicial Activist’, then you should SPEAK UP!

If you stay silent, I can only assume that you support their views.


Scientia said...

I agree with you completely. I too admire Judge Jones' thoroughness and evenhandedness- more proof, if any were needed, of my longstanding contention that ideology is not what determines one's qualifications as a jurist.

And Coulter- well, if there is any meaning to that word, she is evil- a wantonly destructive, furious tornado of ignorance and hate.

Anonymous said...

Anne Coulter is. a. robot.