Black Helicopters and the Nazi Pledge! Oh No!

Heh. Check out the comments in my Pledge of Allegiance entry – apparently the Pledge, and Francis Bellamy, have some insidious connection to Nazism! Watch out for Black Helicopters!

Perhaps Dr. Curry’s information is valid. I don’t know yet, I just started researching it. But so far, it’s not looking good for the good doctor. I believe he may be confusing the National Socialism of the Nazis with the various flavors of Socialism.

Sure Francis Bellamy identified himself as a Socialist, but I’ve yet to discover if he thought of himself as a Utopian or Scientific Socialist, or something else completely. Keep in mind the Nazis were only Socialist when it suited them. They were also Capitalists when it suited their goals. Socialist was just another word in their massive propaganda campaign.

I too have seen pictures of American kids lined up giving old Glory the ‘Nazi’ salute – before 1933 when the Nazis subverted that particular salute, before America discovered Hitler’s atrocities. As a Veteran I know that various salutes originated as a method of showing another person who you were, and that you were unarmed. Any malevolence attached to a particular salute came later.

The human mind is really good at finding patterns. People who study morse code at advanced levels sometimes 'hear' random noise as letters or words. People who listen to random white noise sometimes 'hear' voices. People who look for connections between the Nazis and the Pledge will, I'm sure, find them.

But sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

Update: 7 Oct 2009
I seem to have upset Mr. Rex Curry, J.D.

Oh, and if you're coming here to see an apology - sorry to disappoint. Mr. Curry is incorrect.

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Scientia said...

Thanks, Sig. Not that I believe it in the original case, but if you say so here...

Seriously, though, this Dr. Curry guy sounds- well, kind of like a whack job. I read his response to your "Pledge of Allegiance" entry, and your subsequent comment, and am curious as to how much more you've found on this guy.

Does he actually have the credentials he claims? Please do post what you find- and thank you.

Incidentally, I liked your suggestions for the Pledge. I agree with you; including "equality for all" would bring it closer to being an expression of the ideals for which we're still striving.

Pill said...

Just a suggestion... you might consider using your strike through lines to correct your addressing Curry as "doctor" on these older posts as well.... out of respect for the title.

Calladus said...

nah. This is old. It should stay as is, show the history.