The Possummom Saga

As you may have noticed, I haven't said much lately about the whole Possummomma / Penn Mommy saga lately. (Sorry - my life intrudes. As an Engineer I often work way too many hours. Luckily I can schedule posts to keep my blog active.)

My problem with this whole mess is that there are so many players, using so many names and aliases (some of whom are intentionally sowing confusion) that I find I need game cards to follow everything that is going on.

I'm collecting data and information. And I'd like your help. If you have data or info that Possummomma and Pennmommy are one and the same, I'd like to see it. If you have data or info that they are different people, I'd like to see that too.

Please don't include this information as a comment to this blog entry - comments here will be closed. I'm asking if you will kindly email me whatever you have, and your ideas or conclusions about it too.

I promise I will respond to kindness via email in kind. And if I ask followup questions I'll do so politely.

And yes, I've seen the information in the comments Berzelbub's blog, and in my own blog. I'm adding those to what I have too.

So. Now is your chance to send me anything you believe to be incriminating or exonerating. Maybe I can describe what happened in a way that is provable and that makes sense. Maybe not. But unless I try, I won't know for sure.