I really enjoy Halloween

You know, Halloween pumpkins are supposed to be scary, but not THIS frightening!

From the "Celebrity Pumpkin Voting" article in Better Homes and Gardens magazine, online.

And yes, I do love Halloween.  And not just because my birthday is so close to Halloween. 

Having a birthday on or near a Holiday would usually be pretty depressing.  I've heard people complain about being born on Christmas.  I guess that as kids their birthday sort of got buried in the larger holiday.  (I've heard that they don't get as many gifts either.)

Other holidays are probably almost as bad.  You'd always be out of town visiting relatives, and never be able to celebrate your birthday at home with your friends if you were born on Thanksgiving.  And a December 31st / January 1st birthday party would be buried in the New Years party (and associated hangover grownup hangovers).

Being born on the 4th of July wouldn't be too bad.  Your party would always be a barbecue, and it would be outside.  And there would be fireworks - not bad at all.

But I have to say that being born close to, or on Halloween is the best birthday of all for a kid.  There's a perfect excuse to have a costume party.  The decorations are wicked!  And after opening all of your presents, there's still candy! 

Even now, I think of witches, black cats, paper skeletons on the wall, pumpkins, and the colors orange, black and blood-red as being my "birthday decorations". 


Badger3k said...

Damn - I thought that was...Bill Gates or something. That's supposed to be Caribou Barbie? Maybe I do need glasses more than I thought, but then I don't think she's attractive so I don't pay attention to what she looks like.

That said, that is some skill to carve those things. Mine look like deformed mutants with an extra deformation.

mom2boys said...

My son's bday is 10/29 and he loves being born near the holiday. He has a holiday party nearly every year! As it is my favorite holiday that is great for me :)