I'm back. Didja miss me?

Wow, it's been a very, very messy holiday season for me. No tree, few gifts. I spent most of the last 30 days making multiple visits to several California hospitals.

No, nothing is wrong with me (well, except that I caught a cold the other day.) My wife Won had heart surgery and is now recovering from a pleural effusion as a complication to that surgery.

To make matters more complex, I had a strict deadline at work. I'm sure my work could have given this project to someone else to complete - but that's not really a good thing for an engineer.

So I"m back, and casting around for topics to write about. And wow! Hey, has the amount of stupidity increased since I've been gone? More GOP supporters are heading for jail, Bush is in a 'death spiral' and is STILL chanting "stay the course." Ken Ham is opening a museum to celebrate the Flintstones, and someone drank herself to death on water!

In the military, the euphemism for being outnumbered is called a, "target rich environment."

I'm in such an environment now, filled with right wing nuts, fundamentalists and other supporters of pseudoscience.

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