Bush’s hypocritical swing and a miss at John Kerry

John Kerry flubbed his line.

John Kerry was trying to make a joke at Bush’s expense. Since Senator Kerry isn’t a comedian it isn’t too surprising that he botched the line. Apparently his audience understood what he was trying to say and so Kerry moved on to something with more substance.

Bush has decided that Kerry needs to be punished for his non-comedic skills, and called Kerry to task for his misspeak.

And now that Kerry has apologised, it should go away - but of course Bush and his gang will milk it for all it's election day potential.

Wait, Bush is calling out Kerry for a flaw in public speaking? Isn’t that like Dan Quayle criticizing Anurag Kashyap for a spelling error? I guess that Bush is still crowing about his own comedy skills about WMDs. "No WMD's Here!"

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bush, Senator John McCain, Tony Snow, and the rest of the GOP for creating such a good example of the core tenets of their party – ‘It’s the Hypocrisy, Stupid!’ Their dishonesty, their bully tactics, their chickhawk agenda are exposed once again - and more and more Americans get it. Americans get it, they are starting to see right through this BS. That probably scares the GOP even more.

I hope the GOP and Bush fan this flame for all it’s worth, because every time they do, Kerry just ‘bitch-slaps’ them again.
This president and his administration didn’t do their homework. They didn’t study what would happen in Iraq. They didn’t study and listen to the people who were the experts and would have told them. And they know that’s what I was talking about yesterday.

I think Americans are sick and tired of this game. These Republicans are afraid to stand up and debate a real veteran on this topic. And they’re afraid to debate — you know, they want to debate strawmen because they’re afraid to debate real men. Well, we’re going to have a real debate in this country about this policy. The bottom line is: These Republicans want to distort this policy. And, this time, it won’t work because we are going to stay in their face with the truth. No Democrat is going to be bullied by these people, by these kinds of attacks that have no place in American politics. It’s time to set our policy correct. They have a stand-still-and-lose policy in Iraq, and they have a cut-and-run policy in Afghanistan. And the fact is, our troops, who have served heroically, who deserve better, deserve leadership that is up to their sacrifice — period.

John McCain ought to ask for an apology from Dick Cheney for misleading America. He ought to ask for an apology from the president for lying about the nuclear program in Africa. He ought to ask for an apology for once again a week ago referring to al-Qaida as being the central problem in Iraq, when al-Qaida is not the central problem. Enough is enough. I’m not going to stand for these people trying to shift the topic and make it politics. America deserves a real discussion about real policy.

And that’s what this election is going to be about next Tuesday.

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