Miss Manners advice about public restrooms

Has it come to this?

This lovely Internet cartoon is from the website PVP drawn by the talented Scott Kurtz. (Click on the image to see it full size.)

I could so see this cartoon happening in real life where I work.

I work for a big manufacturing company - there are a lot of 'techie' people where I work. Everyone carries cell phones, PDAs, MP3 players and other electronic gadgets.

The first time I heard someone answer their cell phone from the bathroom stall next to mine, I thought it was odd, but figured that it was an incoming call, and perhaps important, so go ahead make a couple of quick statements and then get off the line.

But that is NOT what happens!

People at my work answer and make calls from the bathroom stall. They carry on long, detailed conversations - not just with their wife at home, but also with business associates. I'm sure I overheard at least one guy talking to a customer! And what do those people on the other end of the line think when they hear flushing noises? What about that hollow reverb that our bathroom bestows on conversation; has anyone ever asked why the caller sounded like he was speaking from inside a tin can?

This is really too creepy!

When I go to the restroom, I set my cell phone to 'silent'. If you call, and are persistent about calling and I notice that you just won't let it go to voicemail, then I might send you a text message. The message will say, "I'm in a meeting, I'll call you back." (It's a macro on my cell phone.) I might send that text message - and I might not.

When I call you back, if you ask me why I didn't answer I'll tell you I was in a meeting. You don't need to know more, and I don't need to enlighten you further.

And for those of you talking on the 'throne' - hang up and flush!

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