Iraq War Creates Terrorists

From the "No Shit, Sherlock" news media - "Iraq is a giant recruiting poster for terrorists."
Senator Arlen Specter, the Pennsylvania Republican who is chairman of the Judiciary Committee, acknowledged on CNN that “the war in Iraq has intensified Islamic fundamentalism and radicalism,” although he added “that’s a problem that nobody seems to have an answer to.”

But the Senate majority leader, Bill Frist of Tennessee, used language that echoed that of President Bush, saying that “either we are going to be fighting this battle, this war overseas, or it’s going to be right here in this country.”


[President] Clinton noted that he rarely criticized Mr. Bush on the battle against terrorism, but then asserted that the Bush administration had done too little to fight Al Qaeda in its time in office before the Sept. 11 attacks.

“They had eight months to try,” Mr. Clinton said. “They did not try.”

Yea, Clinton stained a blue dress - but he's still more presidential in his little finger than all of Bush Junior. The Clinton White House warned Bush, but Junior was too busy trying to revive the "Star Wars" project to care.

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