Darth Marguerite

Wow. Marguerite Perrin. As I said before, I planned to watch this. What a class act she is. She can claim to be a God Warrior, praise Jesus, and cuss all in the same breath.

She yelled about “Dark Sided” so often that I thought I was watching a Star Wars movie.

Did you catch her ripping up the envelope from Jeanne D'Amico-Flisher? Did you catch how she said she didn’t want to have anything to do with the money? That it was tainted, not of God? Then did you catch the text in the final seconds of the show that said she’d changed her mind and decided to keep the money anyway?

Wow. Way to stick to your principles lady.

I wonder if the amounts that Jeanne had thoughtfully earmarked to the kids will get used as she said they should be used, or if Darth Marguerite will instead give a chunk (or all of it) to church.

It must be awful going through life so lazy, closed minded and selfish. I feel sorry for everyone who lives in her town.

One thing is for sure - this is the last time I watch "Trading Spouses" from Fox - I'm going back to my rule - watch TV sparingly, and stay away from 'reality' TV.

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AmberKatt said...

Yeah, but you have to admit, it made for a great three hours, if not the whole week, on The Stephanie Miller Show....