Religious Melt-down? Cool!

Ya know, usually I stay away from TV. Especially programs like Fox's "Trading Spouses"! But after seeing the previews to the season premier I knew I just had to see it. Check out the trailer - you'll get to see a bit of what happens when a fundamentalist-style Christian is confronted with something that doesn't fit into a pigeon hole in their world view.

Oh my. Mrs. Perrin starts melting down a bit toward the end of the show - and it's going to be continued next week - where the real melt-down happens!

And what's up with this woman's friends? One of them starts to question Jeanne D'Amico-Flisher (the New-Age spouse) in a very hostile way. I'll bet God is so PROUD!

Of course, Mrs. D'Amico-Flisher is just as full of pseudoscientific, 'feel good' nonsense as Marguerite Perrin is insanely devout - so she comes out of the hostile questioning in a very bad place. Jeanne is so non-confrontational, so 'live and let live' that she was defenseless against the take-no-prisoners style of a condescending Christian.

If Jeanne and Marguerite get into a fight next week it will be like a skunk fight - it won't matter who wins 'cause they'll both come out of it smelling like ass.

Yes, I'm going to watch it. Once you start watching a train wreck, it's impossible to pull your eyes away.

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