Suddenly lots of interest in Possummomma again

PossummommaLooks like a certain portion of the Internet conspiracy brigade is again trying to pin whatever they like to whomever they hate.  I've noticed a huge recent uptick in visits to any page on The Calladus Blog where Possummomma is mentioned.  So for your convenience, I've created a "possum" tag so you can see it all in one go.  

Just as a quick reference, yes, I've met Possummomma and her four kids.  I met her ex-husband (also known as a serious asshole for how he treated her during the divorce.)   I have never met Pennmomma, or the person who blogs in "razing Ruth".  I've studied the evidence presented to me that Pennmomma is Possummomma, and I believe it is fueled by conspiracy and lacks evidence.  

Yes, Possummomma has Lupus.  It's extremely obvious.  Yes, she has good days and bad days.  My late wife was ill too, and she and Possummomma had that in common - they talked about it during our zoo trip.  If you want to know what it is like to live with a persistent illness, read about the Spoon Theory.  That's my late wife.  That's Possummomma.  Saying something stupid like, "If she's got Lupus, how can she go on a hike?" just goes to show a lack of understanding.  Sometimes you use up too much energy doing something you believe is important, and you then pay for it later - by being exhausted and in pain.  You learn to accept your limitations and plan for them.  From what I've seen of Possummomma's social networking, she's been working hard to improve her health so she can visit her children, and do some of the other things she loves.  My wife did that too in the years before she died.

Possummomma's name isn't "Ruth" nor is it "Mary", nor is she, or ever has been part of Quiverfull.  (Although she wrote about quiverfull.  She's not a fan.)

What is sad is to see these desperate Internet crazies race to attack another person, and heap them together with someone else.  If you are one of these people, get a life.  Go outside.  Get some sun.  The worst thing about a conspiracy is that anything I do or say to try to convince you that there is NOT a conspiracy, will be seen as part of the conspiracy.  It's pathetic and it reeks of tinfoil hats.

Possummomma was a private person in the past because she was protecting her kids, who no longer live with her.  I am open about who I am, but in the past I was somewhat private to protect my late wife.  I am still very discreet about some parts of my life.  Still, it is easy to contact me.  For those who claim I'm a "sock puppet", I have since the beginning of the Possummomma fiasco told everyone that they could contact me whenever they like.  You can click on my name up there, and it will take you to my phone number.  You're welcome to call me.  But from past experience, I don't believe any conspiracy theorist will do so.

I will tell you now though, that by calling me you are consenting to be audio recorded, and I retain all rights to that recording.  I don't do this just for those calling about Possummomma, I do that because I'm an out atheist in a fairly conservative community, and having a phone number posted online sometimes results in hateful calls, so I use Google Voice to record those incoming calls.


15 July 2013

 It looks like it isn't quite as bad as I feared.  I no longer think it is "hate" that is driving this, although the conspiracy seems to be gaining a little traction - maybe we can stop that before it gains a life of its own.  There is a way to defuse the conspiracy - it takes a little real life effort, and not so much conjecture over coincidence.  We will see what happens.

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