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Ronald DarseyI just had another look at Ronnie online today.  It seems that Texas will not grant him ANY parole!  I'm not upset about that!

He's still scheduled to be released on September 25th of 2013.  But Texas has moved him to a facility closer to his home of record in Houston.

He's currently at the LV Hightower unit in Dayton Texas.  This unit offers a "Sex Offender Treatment Program" and a "Sex Offender Education Program".  It also offers an adult literacy program - so perhaps Ronnie is getting help for his severe dyslexia.  Also offered are various vocational training programs - so perhaps Ronnie will be able to increase his mechanical skills a little.

The Hightower unit also contains a garment factory - so I would guess that he's part of that now too.  

I would guess that Ronnie will stay at this unit until they release him.  I don't know if they give him a ride to Houston or not.  

Next time we see any change will be when Texas re-activates Ronnie's information back in the Texas Public Sex Offender Registry.

He will be almost 62 years old when he gets out.  His hair will be a lot more gray than it is now.  I wonder how much he will have changed, if any?  

I believe that he is a habitual offender - and this saddens me.  He will abuse another little girl when he feels he can get away with it.  It will take that third time to put him away for life.  I just wish there was a way to skip that, and send him back to jail.

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Inner Crone said...

Do you have a link for his information?

Calladus said...

I used the Texas Inmate Locater

I see that he's been moved out of Hightower and into a "Trustee" prison called, "A.M. "Mac" Stringfellow Unit". This unit has an adult literacy class (that Ronnie probably needs) and a lot of religious stuff that probably won't help the situation much, but will be useful to Ronnie so that he can "game the system" into making everyone think he's reformed in some "spiritual" manner.

You and I know Ronnie. He's not smart, but he's canny. If he claims to be "Born Again", it's a con.

Unknown said...

He is out and living in conroe Texas

Calladus said...

Holly, you can see everything I have on Ronnie by clicking on the "Ronnie" subject link at the bottom of each post.

Or by clicking here.

Calladus said...

Holly, would you email me?

Unknown said...

Can anyone tell me about this unit? My ex is there for raping my daughter and they are going to parole him after "treatment" in Sept 2016. Is this a partial commitment program where they have community access? I'm sure he is playing the born again card, as we met in church.

Calladus said...


First, my sympathy for what happened to your daughter.

In our case, Ronnie was released to a religious halfway house. I find this darkly amusing since he was never known for religious belief - he only worshiped himself.

As part of his halfway house program, Ronnie has freedom of movement around the city. Other than sex offender registration and restrictions on how close a sex offender can lawfully be to young people in Texas, there seems to be few other requirements.

Are you speaking of the Hightower or Stringfellow units?

I've found that you can get a lot of information about Texas prison units by doing google searches on how to send prisoners mail at these units, and by using this sort of search to find support forums for families of prisoners.