Cancer really sucks...

I got the news on Sunday.  My mother has cancer.

I don't know the exact details - it's a form of cancer that was found on the roof of her mouth.  It's malignant. She went into surgery this morning to have it removed.

She's still planning on being at the family reunion at the end of the month, but probably won't feel like doing much.

Mom told me on Sunday, and again yesterday evening, that she felt fine. Her voice was unaffected. But after the surgery she won't sound the same - and might not look the same. A portion of the roof of her mouth has been removed this morning, and she'll be given a plate to cover the removal.

Also, at this point the doctors are unsure if the cancer made it to her adenoids. If it did, then they will start mom on radiation therapy.

Radiation therapy - such a scary phrase!

I wished mom luck last night. And we joked around a little - I told her she had my permission to flirt with any male nurses she finds. I was reluctant to let her hang up - eager to pretend that everything will be as it always has been.

My stepfather Dan called this morning. The surgery was a success. Still no word on her adenoids, or radiation therapy.


Thesauros said...

I am so sorry to hear about your mom. This life can be a hard challenge. It makes me sigh to think of your family's journey ahead. Good luck.

Justin Casey said...

Cancer claimed the life of my mother when I was barely a teenager. It's a horrible thing when treatment seems to have no effect. Nobody should have to go through that. I hope your mother comes out of it okay. We take for granted that diseases like smallpox and polio are now well controlled. Hopefully cancer will one day be relegated to the history books.