Another Fleur de Pensée atheist tattoo!

There is something deeply gratifying when you create something that other people are willing to commit to a tattoo.

This is James. He liked my Fleur de Pensée design enough to become the second person to commit it to ink.

The "Flower of Thought" is the oldest symbol of secularism held by any organization.

And why shouldn't it be? It got this image because Pansies bear some resemblance to a person in deep thought.

What I like about these flowers is how tough and drought-resistant they are. They can take 110 degree heat without blinking, and they shrug off sudden storms and heavy rains of spring by popping back up afterward. Hey, if they were tough enough for Colonel Robert Green Ingersoll, well, that's good enough for me!

I love when people write to me to say that they are using the Fleur de Pensée, and I'm deeply honored and pleased that people commit it to ink. Thanks again James!

Go here to learn more about this symbol and how it was created, and to download graphics of it.

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Unknown said...

Thank YOU sir!