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So, all two of my readers are probably wondering where I've disappeared.  In a nutshell, I'm not currently blogging for two very good reasons.  1)  The economy  and 2) CVAAS.

I mention the economy first because the company I work for is going through a lean period, and tightening belts.  In order to increase sales, new product has to be designed.  So while our manufacturing is down, we are working very hard on inventing new things to allow our product line to compete with others in the marketplace.

Manufacturing gets mandatory vacation days (furlough) while Engineering busts hump 60-70 hours a week to invent the next 'gotta have' product in our industry.

This might change soon, for at least a little while.  Now Engineering is (mostly) caught up (well, the hardware guys at least.  Software is still busting hump).  So now my company has invited me to use up two weeks of my vacation time over the summer.  I'm thinking, just to make my life seem luxurious, I could take off two days a week for a month.  That would be nice.  A whole month of 4-day weekends.  (5-day weekend if I do it over July 4th)

Anyway, I'm not completely offline.  You can still catch me on Twitter, or on Facebook, or on CVAAS.


Anonymous said...

I've been reading the whole blog from the 1st post onward after stumbling over the counterfeit pen post a couple weeks ago. I'm about halfway through 2007 LOL.

It's a great read. Hope you come back to it if/when work becomes less hectic.

I've talked to you once or twice on Twitter. I'm @achura

lindsayrobinson said...

I, too, am catching up with blogging,AND reading blogs. See you around CVAAS!!

Scott Hatfield . . . . said...

Hey, Mark! Just wanted you to know that I am one of the MANY people who check to see when you post.