Goodbye Dubya... give 'em Hell, Obama.

My Conservative friends say that progressives will be giving Obama a free pass.  I'm not sure that's true.  Progressives seem to be generating a lot of criticism to go with their cautious optimism.  Obama is going to be under a microscope even by those who voted enthusiastically for him.  He's got a lot to live up to.

I'm glad Bush junior is finally on the way out.  His presidency has been a disaster.  Still, I think that Bush was the best President that he was capable of being, and the only a bigger pretzel would have made him better.


Jeff said...

To suggest that liberals are going to give Obama a free pass is to completely misunderstand the situation. The assumption in that claim seems to be that liberals want to "pay back" conservatives by letting Obama do whatever he wants. On the contraray, I think that a big part of what got Obama elected was anger over the abuse of power we've witnessed in the last 8 years. If anything, the American public is more sensitive to those types of abuses from this point forward, and I believe that the next president's actions will be more closely scrutinized because of W's time in the White House.

Calladus said...


Obama has been a wonderful change - his words have been a balm.

But now, we expect him to "walk the walk". We'll be watching him closely.

Obama is intelligent and capable, we expect more from him, we expect him to live up to his potential.

We didn't have that expectation of Bush because Bush wasn't as capable.

Anonymous said...

Just read the thread title and yep, Obama is giving us hell all right!