"It's the deep breath before the plunge"

Because of the group that I lead, I subscribe to a LOT of religious newsletters. I easily get 30 emails a day from religious conservative groups.

Yesterday there was a final flurry of emails - I got over a hundred.

From the hour the news announced Obama's win, until almost noon today - the email was silenced. It was the calm before the storm.

Now I'm getting a small trickle of email that mostly blames McCain for not playing "dirty" enough in the campaign. Tony Perkins (a James Dobson protege) today said that McCain lost because he took "the high road". A couple of religious groups have started up with a circular firing squad of blame.

But I think that the trend that will emerge is that of American Decency Association Bill Johnson - Johnson has told his followers that (Christians) were "taken to the woodshed" by God". The loss of congressional seats and of the Presidency, the failure of Christian laws and amendments across the USA were all, according to Johnson, the result of God "removing his protection" from America.

This theme seems to be catching on today. Only time will tell if it will dominate. I expect that like-minded people will form a hard-core and well organized opposition to President Obama, and will continue to work toward their goals.

I also think that yesterday signals the start of a schism between fundamentalist Republicans and "old school" Republicans. The Republican party was hijacked. Their original goals of a smaller government, lower spending, lower taxes, and the encouragement of capitalism were replaced with a bloated government, increased spending, and a business model which rewarded big business and rescued them from their failures while at the same time forcing small businesses to dry up and go under.

Some Republicans remember what it meant to be Republican, and they want their party back.

Speaking as a Democrat, as an ex-Republican, I'm also wary.

I'll be watching Obama closely, "with 'bated breath", and hoping against all odds that he doesn't mess up. He made me care again. He made me hope. If he screws that up I'll be more than disappointed. I don't want to see another Jimmy Carter Democrat in office.

Obama, you made me respect you, trust you, and love you. You made me proud again - don't screw it up. If you break my heart I will kick you to the curb.


Anonymous said...

Obama won this ex republican over. He is brilliant, diplomatic and exudes integrity. One of a kind. I loved that he encourages his children to be curious and not be afraid to ASK QUESTIONS !

Calladus said...

Anon -

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Anonymous said...

Calladus -- Obama will mess up somewhere, somehow. The deal is, how will he recover.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean. I love when you say: also think that yesterday signals the start of a schism between fundamentalist Republicans and "old school" Republicans.

It's mind boggling how a person can say that the Republican party is the party of good, religious people but blame McCain for losing because he didn't fight dirty enough? All religions teach fairness! I've never been religious in the traditional sense where you believe in God or some deity, not since childhood. Even so, you have to appreciate good ideas and philosophies when you find them.

With that being said, I feel like Christianity is being hijacked by mentally unstable politically minded people. Realistically, is it just me or would you go to a shrink if "God talked to you"? But, people love Bush and Palin because they somehow believe them. When you hear hatred masquerading as a religion, it's hard not to become repulsed by the whole thing and that's sad because there are some really clever things written in the Bible.

As far as Obama goes, let's keep our fingers crossed. I try to focus on things like how this election is historical to me because I've never seen the country come together and make someone without very much money or political connections president, especially when you look at his competition. Still, there is such a thing as mass hysteria though, but in his acceptance speech, I loved the way he made these major points: 1) winning this election doesn't mean that the work is over, it's only beginning. 2) He going to do his best but can't do it alone, just like he couldn't win this election alone. 3) He may make decisions that we disagree with but then more than ever, he'll listen to what we have to say. 4) (and I loved this) Those people that he hasn't earned the respect of, he will listen to them and work towards being their president, as well.

It can be all talk, and I don't really remember any previous acceptance speech. I never stayed up that late before. It can't be as bad as the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy that Clinton came up with. I like the idea of compromise and moderation but I like common sense better. People that are typical heterosexuals get to choose to talk about their love life. I get to talk about my boyfriend, with normal limitations like you can't be crass and unprofessional at work (common sense stuff). How would any of them like to told "Shut the fuck up" in legal terms about anything pertaining to that. How are you not supposed to feel looked down at? Clinton wasn't stupid, he was political. That is what I really hope Obama doesn't do. The gays in the military issue is just one thing, we've seen how slimy us human beings can get over political power. Didn't you post an essay on your blog about oppressed people becoming abusers that someone wrote?

Thanks for posting this--it's nice to know that I'm not the only one with such thoughts.

Calladus said...

SS, you know the old saying?

"When you talk to God, it's called prayer.

When God talks to you, it's called Schizophrenia"

Anonymous said...

"All religions teach fairness!"


"Christianity is being hijacked by mentally unstable politically minded people."


"When you hear hatred masquerading as a religion, it's hard not to become repulsed by the whole thing and that's sad because there are some really clever things written in the Bible."


Calladus said...

Now Gad, don't hurt yourself! You'll bust a gut! LOL!

spajadigit said...

Actually, I think a funny thing about this whole religious wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth about Obama's win is that so many of them were certain that, because of prayer and somehow knowing the mind of god, his will would be done on election day and the Republicans would prevail.

They were so sure of themselves. Palin, Dobson, Johnson, Warren- telling folks that god had their backs.

Then, when it broke against them, these same people were certain that they were being punished for not believing enough or that America was turning its back on god or his followers were not playing dirty enough, instead of accepting that what happened was simply the "will of god."

(Or that there wasn't really a god at all.)