Possummomma update - and a note to the Gosselin fan club

Possummomma left a comment at Berlzebub's Inferno blog. You can read it in full here.

The gist of the comment is that she probably won't blog on her "Atheist in a Minivan" blog again. Whether it will be set to public or not is yet to be seen.

As for Possummomma's children. They are doing well. I understand that they're disturbed by everything that has happened. But I got to see the photos from P3's birthday, and it seems to me that Pmomma's children are thriving. But from meeting Pmomma and her husband I know that I could not expect anything less.

And I've got a message for all of you Gosselin fan clubbers.

I find your cult-like behavior and single-minded hatefulness to be disturbing. I used to know people like you in High School - the cliquish "inner circle" of plastic socialites who out of preverse pettiness determined who could and who could not join the glee club.

What you've done is wrong. And you've done it out of willful stupidity. I can only assume that the hours you've spent in front of a television have resulted in some impairment.

Do yourselves a favor. Put down the television remote control, and go outside. Get away from the poisonous atmosphere of your little clique. Go to the library and read a good book.

I recommend, "Lord of the Flies".


Ann said...

Hi Calladus,
I commented at Berlzebub's place with some links showing that Possummomma's friend Bananabethanna probably isn't her friend, but a sockpuppet. He hasn't approved it yet. I really want a skeptic who defends her to look at the circumstances skeptically and comment. I am sorry to say, but don't believe she is telling the truth. Her explanation of having a computer hijacked by someone staying with her, or remotely accessed from PA, or whatever, is unclear and complicated. The far simpler answer is it's a classic case of Internet fraud by someone who has done it before and is good at it. First, my post to B. earlier today:

OK, I have taken my own advice and went to one blog, Gosselins Without Pity, (blog link: http://gosselinswithoutpity.blogspot.com) to search for more of Possum’s comments.

On July 1st, in the comments for blog entry “Aunt Jodi: The Tribe Has Spoken,” atheist in a minivan explains where the poster Bananabethanna is. Link: https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=6454349132986954975&postID=1078315215144083243

Bananabethanna is a poster who claimed to have friends who knew the Gosselins and had negative, detailed, ‘insider information.’ See her comments from June 20th in the blog entry (originally posted June 15th,) “Where are the Grandparents?” Link: https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=6454349132986954975&postID=7147815673526155490

From one of the three comments she posts here, she implies that she was a member of the Gosselins’ church when they were expecting the sextuplets, and after delivery. That would make Bananabethanna a Pennsylvanian at the time. It is a well-established fact that the Gosselin’s live and attended church in PA. (link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jon_and_kate.)

Berlezebub could verify this better than I can, but Bananabethanna was also a poster at his blog. On January 27th and 28th Berlzebub and his readers were raising funds for Possummomma’s health needs (window film.) In the blog entry, "P-Family Donations Update #21,” a poster called chief illinewek questions whether Possum is really sick and deserving of the funds. Berlzebub raises the possibility of a conspiracy theory or sockpuppeting on Possum’s part, but dismisses those as ridiculous. It is the defense of a good friend. In the post, chief challenges someone to tell what good things Possum has done for them. Bananbethanna writes in that Possum provided her with “A life time of support. When my husband had cancer she prepared a weeks worth of food for me and brought my husband a home created book of funny stories, jokes, cartoons, and neat mental puzzles to keep him occupied. She got us a Netflix subscription and funded it the entire six months he was on chemo.” The link is here: https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=8801748118575241094&postID=8239258361493605656

Anyway that would make Bananabethanna a Californian at the time, since no one in Bakersfield, CA prepares weeks of food for a Pennsylvanian. So, Possum’s friend, Bananabethanna knew the Gosselin’s when she went to their church in 2005, then moved to within driving distance of Bakersfield, where her life time-supportive friend Possum (who grew up, where? ) made her meals when her husband was sick.

Or, Bananabethanna is a sockpuppet. What would Occam's Razor say?

I could list the “coincidences” side-by-side with the accusation; “She sockpuppets” and I’ll tell you skeptics, I am leaning toward the simpler explanation.

Now, a link from ABC News that I first saw posted at the pro-Gosselin blog (Gosselins Do Not Need Our Pity.) http://blogs.abcnews.com/health_insider/2008/10/death-and-decep.html

Check today's comments, starting especially with None So Blind.

Possummomma attracts a lot of Inetrnet drama. Do you attract this stuff from Christians or TV show fans? You're a bigger name in the atheist world, aren't you? Do people stalk you, too? I raise the question b/c Possum's life is so dramatic: the essay, Tom and Nancy, the evil Internet genius cousin with a dying son. Honestly, I believed in Penn Mommy while her blog was up. I read B.'s blog and could admit that the evidence seemed flimsy. But finding bananabethanna's link in the Gosselin blog today did it for me. I remembered seeing the poster somewhere on B.'s blog when I brought up all the posts tagged "P-Momma." On Berlzebub's blog, bananabethanna vouched for Possum when her veracity was questioned. I think that she's Possum's sockpuppet. I also think Chief Illinewek is a sockpuppet, too. I don't think anyone called her husband's school to check about the family (it's almost ridiculous when you think about it clearly.) Nor do I think anyone called the hospital to harass Penn Mommy and her son.

Ann said...

I just want to follow up on that last comment I made.

I don't know anyone involved. The only reason I pursued this is b/c I believed Penn Mommy was real, and when the accusation against Possum was made, I wanted to know the truth. Really, I am just curious. I have been fascinated by the atheist world, though. You value logic and rational thought, so you have more at stake here than a good friendship. And a good friendship is a lot to have at stake. Your reputation as a critical thinker is on the line, though. This sockpuppeting, especially bananabethanna, is so obvious to me, I'd have to really LOVE someone to deny it. Yet, if Possum invented Penn Mommy and bananabethanna, don't you have to question whether she wrote the essay, or invented Tom and Nancy, too? What can be believed if she's lied about this? How much independent verification is there for these other incidents? Of course, I haven't been the first to raise these questions, but they seem legitimate questions to me now.

I am sorry if my post is hurtful. I do appreciate your love for your friend. Please consider that it is meant to get at the truth, not to cause pain. I have said before, and I do again, I admire how much questioning you have tolerated. Thank you.