The end of Banned Book week

This week was the American Library Association's "Banned Books Week".  I haven't had time to talk about it, and was feeling guilty about that.  So I decided to see how many of the top ten banned books for 2007 I've already read.

I got three out of 10!  Oh the horror!  Usually I do much better than that!

I've read "The Color Purple", "Huckleberry Finn" (several times!)  And I've read the "Golden Compass".

Out of the rest of the list - nothing.  Most of the other books seem to be for teen readers - so maybe that's why I haven't read them.  And really, none of them interest me.

I guess I understand why teen books get banned more often.  Adults looking out after their kids.  But from my experience, the best possible way to get a young person (or any person) to read a book is to tell them that they can't.

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