A lot of Atheists in the blogroll, and now one more. ("We are Legion" jokes are NOT allowed!)

As you can see from the new and colorful link to the right, I'm finally part of Mojoey's "Atheist Blogroll". According to the email I got from the signup process, there are over 730 Atheist blogs on the list at the time of this posting.

That's a lotta godless!

Mojoey maintains the blogroll out of the goodness of his heart, and I'm glad to finally be on it. When it first came out, I had a lot of fun browsing through it and finding like-minded bloggers. And that's the purpose of this blogroll, to help build the Atheist community around the world.

If you have an Atheist blog, and would like to join this blogroll, you can learn how to do it from the Atheist Blogroll page on Mojoey's site.

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