"Expelled" Graciously allows Dawkins to watch film, but boots PZ Myers

I've been reading about this since it started happening last night. I got a notice via my cell phone / computer that biologist PZ Myers, author of the Pharyngula blog, was refused entrance to a showing of "Expelled" at the Mall of America in Minnesota.

PZ Myers then live blogged his experience from the Mall's Apple store - where he then explained that his family and his guest were allowed in. Dr. Myer's guest was Dr. Richard Dawkins.

The sheer amount of stupid attached to this shouldn't be surprising to anyone. Analogies abound, but what this reminds me of the most is the way that Scientology tends to react to its detractors.

Just how sound are your so called "scientific" ideas when they have to be protected using tactics from L. Ron Hubbard's methods of operation?

(A very fanboy wave to Dawkin's lovely and talented wife, Lalla Ward, for the original photo. I have no idea if she's the one who added the LOLDAWKINS text. Click the photo to see it in full!)


Scientia said...

The best part of this whole debacle is who they let in after barring PZ Myers.

No disrespect to PZ- he's an icon in the American scientific blog and freethinker community (and damned talented)- but Dawkins is one of the most famous, visible, and influential atheists in the world. That's not to mention his gigantic stature as an evolutionary biologist and litterateur.

*cracks up wildly* There's no better demonstration of the purveyors of Expelled's catholic ignorance than this absurd maneuver.

Anonymous said...

If you have to protect the "truth" from critics, how true can it be?