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If you haven't been reading the blog "Atheist in a minivan", written by Possummomma, well then you've been depriving yourself.

Possummomma, and her family of possums (read here to see the meaning of her pseudonym) are two Atheists raising 4 children. She's a great writer, and describes how she cares for her brood and what affect that her atheism has on that care.

She also the autoimmune disease, "Lupus". A truly terrible thing that is not only painful, but limits how she can interact with her family. Due to this disease, she is currently unable to withstand sunlight - she has gotten by so far by turning her bedroom into a sort of "bat cave" and not coming out until after the sun goes down. The sunlight through the rest of the windows in her house causes painful burns.

Well, Berlzebub - another out of the Atheist community, decided to do something about it and has started taking donations for a film to limit ultraviolet - when placed on the windows at Possummomma's home, it should allow her to leave her bat cave even during the day - it should give her back the rest of her house.

This has been going on now for several weeks, and Berlzebub is almost 2/3 of the way to his goal of $5000. Since then, he's created a widget to allow easy donations - and you can find that widget to the right on my blog.

Yes, I know the widget shows a mere few hundreds of dollars (as of this writing) but apparently the company involved won't allow you to start the widget at any number other than zero. Check in at Berlzebub's Possummomma thread to see what the current totals are.

And if you are part of the online Atheist community, you probably know all about this since it has already been covered by an "A-List" blogger - PZ Myers. Still, I might get one or two readers that he doesn't, and so it's worth it for me to bring it to my reader's attention.

And it is worth doing so because I like P-momma. She's good people.

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