I've turned comment moderation back on

I had turned off comment moderation to allow people to discuss possible names for the Fresno Skeptic, Atheist and Secular Humanist group, but someone had to take advantage of that.

Due to a Scientologist Spammer dropping a hateful screed into a comment, I've turned comment moderation back on.

I also remind my readers that Scientology is an expensive mystery cult that hides its secrets from Scientologists until after they have paid large sums of money, or committed years of their life to the cult. You can immediately learn all there is to know about Scientology by reading the excellent book, "A Piece of Blue Sky" by Jon Atack, or by visiting the Operation Clambake website.


Farris Thorne said...

This may not be "atelier" material, but artist Brandon Bird created a wonderful oil-on-canvas of L. Ron Hubbard a few years ago. Titled "The Dreamer and The Dream," the portrait seems a fitting tribute to the "Dianetics" author.

Check it out, when you have a moment. ft

Calladus said...

Ha! That's a great painting! Not quite "Master" quality, but great none-the-less.

I remember back around '98 or '99 that there was some sort of painting or art contest to create images of Hubbard that could be used without Scientology screaming "Copyright" at them. Quite a few images came from that, including a painting or two.

I'd like to see a gallery of Hubbard / Scientology images put together somewhere. All created by non-Scientologists or Ex-Scientologists of course.

That would be fun.