Comments to Deep Posts in my blog

What is a blogger to do when a reader discovers and comments on a blog entry written months ago? The recent Steorn fiasco resulted in new comments to my Steorn posting from last year. And I still get comments on my Homeopathy and Counterfeit Pen postings.

Blogger notifies me for every comment that I get, so it isn't a problem for me to keep up, but how could you - the reader - know about a new comment from months ago?

Well, I have two ways to keep you informed. First, if the comment is entertaining enough, or relevant in other ways, then I'm happy to bring it to the front page and give it a post of its own.

The other way is a new blogger hack I've included in the column to the right, titled, "Recent Comments". New comments appear at the top of this column, and clicking on the user's name will take you to that particular comment. Clicking on the blog post title will take you to the top of that blog posting so you can read the whole thing.

Please note that as long as I have comment moderation turned on, your comments will not appear immediately, nor will they appear in the sidebar. Your comment will only appear once I've approved it. I do have a comment moderation policy that I try to stick with. It has been necessary for me to keep moderation turned on due to comment spam of the advertising sort. Although Google's Gmail has excellent spam filters - that technology hasn't migrated into Blogger... yet. (You listening Google?)

Lastly, while I'm discussing my blog - I'm still on a hiatus. Yes, I know I've been awfully chatty for being on hiatus, but really I've limited the sheer amount of posting that I was doing, from 2-3 posts per day down to 1-2 posts per week, and I've suspended "Friday in the Atelier" until I come off of hiatus. My apologies for this, my life is currently in disorder and I'm on a cusp that requires the majority of my attention.


Anonymous said...
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Calladus said...


I've deleted your Scientology "dead agent" screed due to it violating rules 3, 6 and 7 of my comment moderation policy

Also, I do not believe you are the originator of the article that you cut and pasted into your comment - if you are not the writer then you are also pushing rule 5 of my comment policy, and have committed plagiarism. I'm now considering making plagiarism a no-no in my comment policy.

For my other readers who wish to learn what Scientology is all about, I highly recommend the well-researched book, A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack. You can find an online copy of this book, free to read, from the link.

Lastly, for the best, up to date information about the cult of Scientology, I recommend my readers to