This is why I care so much about LGBT issues

Congrats to my (brat kid) sister Tanya and her partner on their upcoming 5 year anniversary. Also congrats on Oregon passing their Domestic Partnership law.

Becca, does this mean I get to call you “sister and law” after the first of the year? Eh. Who cares if that's the correct term – that's how I think of you.

And while I'm on the subject of gay and lesbian issues today, I would like to point out how one young woman has taken a hateful act, and turned it into something good. Please meet Erin Davis who had her brand new VW Bug sprayed with hateful graffiti, for the “sin” of sporting a rainbow bumper sticker.
Davies was on her way to work on Wednesday morning when she was stopped dead in her tracks. Spray painted on the hood and driver side window of her car were certain derogatory words.

Davies said, "I was shocked to see that. First thing I thought, is this a personal thing against me? But, then a couple of seconds after getting out of my shock, I realized I have that rainbow sticker on my car."

Davies is gay and a supporter of lesbian and gay rights. She said she could never imagine that vandalism like this still happens. She got so much feedback from passersby that it sparked her decision to keep driving the spray painted car and keep the sticker on.

Davies said, "You have to promote tolerance, or else it will be acceptable in the world we live in, so I'm definitely going to keep the sticker on."
Instead of cleaning and repainting the car, she's instead taking it on a cross-country drive to raise awareness about hate crimes against the LGBT community.

You can read more about Erin and her car, at Fagbug.

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Anonymous said...

Wow-- I'm honored to be referenced in the same entry as Erin. And you should know Rebecca feels the same way about you.