Roy Zimmerman goodness

I've been going through the Roy Zimmerman music vids on Youtube - He's got such a great way of pointing out idiocy. His throwaway line about Abstinence only education was very good. ("Teaching 'Abstinence Only' education is like teaching 'Just Hold It' potty training.")

I think this is probably my favorite:

Okay, Roy is going on my Amazon Wish List


Anonymous said...

I hate to be the one always correcting the errors (but it is fun). This guy said that God created the universe in 7 days. Who the heck believes that? How are we going to debate the issues if you and your folks can't get the simple facts correct?

Or do you guys put up false data just to confuse? Read the text - it says that God created everything in 6 days and rested on the 7th.

Calladus said...

So you're an old Earth creationist? As opposed to a young Earth creationist?

I can't tell you guys apart.

Anonymous said...

do you read what people write or just say what you want? I didn't say anything about being an old earth or young earth creationist.

I just tried to point out that you guys can't get through the first couple of chapters of the Bible without misquoting or misapplying what it says.

Guitar man said God created the earth in 7 days when the text says 6 - that was my point.

But to the point, science is split between young and old

Some say 20 billion yrs (young) some say 100 billion (old). I can't tell them apart! :-)