Jerry Falwell is dead

I just heard that Jerry Falwell has died.

I'd love to write something about all the damage and hurt that Falwell has done to our nation - but honestly I can't bring myself to review his viciousness. Perhaps I'll try later.

Right now, I just have two observations. First, the "old guard" of Christian Fundamentalism is all collectively approaching death - which can only be good for our country.

And second, as an Atheist I know Falwell is now beyond realizing the error of his belief. That's the saddest part of Atheism - you can't tell a dead person, "See? I told you there was no afterlife!"

His consciousness is gone, ceased to exist. But America will be unraveling the harm he's created for generations.


jniome said...

You've pretty much summed up what a lot of people are thinking right now.

Anonymous said...

If there is no God, then why has Falwell done any harm at all? If he believed in something that doesn't exist, why would any thing he did matter at all? I don't understand why anyone would give him a second thought any more than the president of the Tooth Fairy Fan Club. Why all this reaction to a God that doesn't exist?

Calladus said...

Wow, anon. That's a staggeringly stupid comment. Perhaps you'd like to pull up an identity and attempt to defend this position?