The Blue Linchpin blog

Spider Robinson has often expressed in his books how lucky a person is when they have yet to experience especially fine music, books, foods or locations.

In the same vein, I'd like to ask if you've discovered the blog Blue Linchpin? It is a short blog, only 8 entries as of this writing. But it is so well written that it is easy to expect years of greatness coming from it. What is surprising is that it is written by a 16 year old young lady by the name of Yvette.

What is saddening is that Yvette may not have years of blogging in her. She has leukemia.

In only 8 blog entries, she's demonstrated remarkable intelligence, mental flexibility, and insight. You haven't found her blog yet? You are so lucky that this experience awaits you.


Scott Hatfield . . . . said...

Good call Mark. Yvette's blog is delightful, much more so than my first attempt. But I'm working on it, I promise!

Yvette said...

Hey, wow, thank you very much ^_^

*cookie and hug* Kind of have writers block at the moment...but now at least I have more comments!

Anyways, thank you, that's very nice of you :)

Calladus said...

Yvette, it's my pleasure. Now go! Do great things!

No pressure or anything.

mothpete said...

I think she's gone. :-{