Battered, bloodied, Comfort still claims victory

Ray Comfort declared victory over those evil, misbehaving Atheists.

And in other news, General Custer kicks Indian butts, Ann Coulter wins "Miss Congeniality", and the moon is found to be made of Provolone cheese, instead of Cheddar as previously claimed.

From his email newsletter leaked to us by our evil Atheist infiltrators on the "inside".
Millions Will Hear

Just a quick note to let you know that the debate went wonderfully.

When I say "wonderfully," I have to qualify it. It was like an open air with an unreasonable and loud heckler. The "heckler" in this case wasn't just the two atheists we were there to debate, but the fifty atheists in the audience. As per ABC's stipulations, the audience was composed half-and-half -- fifty Christians and fifty atheists. The Christians were very quiet and polite -- the atheists weren't. It was very apparant who was who in the audience. It seemed that no matter what we said, it was completely ignored by Brian and Kelly (the atheists) and then followed up with their anger, mockery, and insults. But as with a good open air, the heckler is simply a platform to speak to the crowd who is listening. In this case there is a crowd of millions who will hear clear, concise evidence for the existance of God. How incredible. So I am delighted, because of what we were able to say.

Below is the press release and the information you need to watch the debate Wednesday. Thanks for your prayers.

God bless,
Ray Comfort


AmberKatt said...

Well, of course the Banana Team declared victory. For conservative Evangelical Christians, merely stating their beliefs in public, with as large an audience as possible, is a victory. And if the audience is not sympathetic to what they say, or even better is outright hostile, the victory is even bigger. Because to them, God is their ultimate audience, and they will be rewarded for their "faithfulness" in "witnessing to the Truth of God" and so on.

I used to work for a ConsEv organization, and I remember the episode of Touched By An Angel where some farmer sued God in court, and the two angels showed up for the defense, and the older angel started off her presentation by quoting all the names of God. My boss was ecstatic about that, that all the names of God were being quoted on open commercial primetime TV; he said it was a great witnessing victory, gave huge "glory to God," and all that. So the Banana Team merely showing up and spieling their spiel in a national forum that was nationally advertised on ("secular") network TV is for them the victory.

Socialist Libertarian said...

I cannot wait until the inevitable "Ray Comfort in gay sex scandal" headlines come about, which is an unavoidable certainty. Just look at that mustache and tell me he's not going to be in a gay sex scandal. I dare you.