I wonder if my religious readers out there would be interested in a website that is just chock-full of self-confessed Infidels? One of the reasons for polarization in our country is the refusal of each side of the Religious / Secular groups to examine each other's positions.

While I seem to have attracted a religious audience, I'd like to take this moment to recommend a web site and a forum to you all. The web site is The Secular Web. (Note the web address -!) I particularly like reading in the Library there, and I read their News Wire through my RSS news aggregator.

The Secular Web has a forum, called the Internet Infidels Discussion Board (IIDB), which will give you a great deal of insight into the minds of non-believers and skeptics. It can be rough in there, but it is always interesting.

If a forum full of skeptics and non-believers seems a bit scary, then I would recommend one particular thread, written by one person. Lauri, known on IIDB as "Christ on a Stick" used to be extremely devout, and was even a missionary before she deconverted from Christianity to Atheism. At every point during her deconversion, she tried very hard to not "fall" away from God.

Lauri wrote about this transformation in her "Salvation Story" posted on the forum. I will warn you that even believers say that her story is fascinating, and that it will steal a few hours of your time as you read it. I read it as she wrote it, years ago, and it still affects me and resonates with me today.

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Anonymous said...

Dang - this is going to suck up more of my time. I love it. Thanks for helping Christians find resources to help them understand the culture and mindset of those who don't follow.

I have to say - I wish I had one more person in my church as passionate about Jesus as you are about Atheism.