It's the most wonderful time of the year!

I love this time of year as the weather grows crisp, the smell of pumpkin seeds in the oven, Jack-o-lanterns. I love costumes, the decorations both cheesy and refined. I love the cardboard cutouts of witches and skeletons on the walls, black and red streamers hung around the room. And I love the traditionally black and red birthday cake.

Let me tell all the kids out there, if you can arrange to have your birthday as close as possible to October 31, then do it! It's the best holiday to have during your birthday!

Everyone knows that Christmas babies are doomed to be shortchanged in the reception of gifts and parties, and who has time to celebrate a birthday that happens on Thanksgiving? Perhaps the 4th of July would be okay, with all the fireworks and barbeque. Halloween is just so much better - not only is there this wonderfully ghoulish set of decorations, but your birthday guests are happy to arrive in costume. Best yet, after cake and opening presents, you can grab your bags and start to trick or treat!

If you love big parties then it gets better as an adult. Perhaps you no longer get toys, you can't trick or treat anymore, but you can pick from a huge number of parties to attend - and they are all decorated in your traditional birthday theme!

Okay, yes I'm joking about this - mostly. My birthday is on the 27th, and it seemed to happen the weekend that kids went out trick or treating. My earliest memories of my birthday included black and red crepe paper; black cats, witches and skeletons cardboard cutouts on the wall; and of course the orange and black birthday cake. To this day I have an affinity for red and black colors, and a fondness for black cats and witches. My only disappointment is that I didn't wait another 4 days before making my first debut.

I firmly believe that no kid's birthday is complete without a skeleton!


Scientia said...

Happy birthday! -and you're absolutely right- no kid's birthday is complete without a skeleton. Otherwise, cutting the cake could be really hard :-).

Hope you have a wonderful day. -S.

Anonymous said...

Heh. I guess I should have added, "Hanging on the wall." Because that's what I meant!

Thanks for the birthday wish Sumi, I hope you enjoy the candy that (ahem) everyone gives to each other in my honor.