Air America Blackout – No wonder they filed bankruptcy!

Isn’t it interesting how the blathering right wing conservatives insist that Air America radio is on their way out because it is just 'bad radio'?

And every slip, every stumble of this fledgling network, is gloated over by these 'compassionate conservatives. If Air America were a baby, then every time it fell on its diapered butt conservative radio would be there to point their finger and jeer, “That baby will never walk! Might as well take it out back and shoot it now!”

I’ve been griping for months about the lousy advertising during Air America. It’s great that I hear local advertisers during my morning and afternoon drive, but where are the Big Boys?

Well, now I know. ABC Radio Networks have blacked out Air America.

Here’s a link to the ABC Radio Networks internal memo, from Media Matters. However, I thought my readers might want a list of the advertisers that are not allowed during Air America programming. So I did my best to transcribe the memo for you – gratis. Here is a link to the memo in PDF format.

ABC Radio Networks is more known for its conservative radio programs, such as Sean Hannity, Mark Davis, and Larry Elder. I would also count Paul Harvey as a conservative talking head these days – unlike in Mr. Harvey’s youth when he was more central in his politics.

If you can make out the question marked items from my listing, please add a comment of what they are.

I'll be the first to admit that Air America, the company, has a lot of problems. However, shows like Randi Rhodes and Rachel Maddow are an excellent antidote to right wing smear. And who knew that Jerry Springer was a great radio talk show host?

1 Nov 06 - Update
One of the question marked items, item #8, was for REI Sporting Goods. Never heard of them before so no wonder I flubbed it.

REI has responded to the ABC Radio blacklist:
The memo posted on the internet is not correct. REI has not refused to advertise during Air America's programming. In fact, REI has placed radio ads on stations carrying Air America programming.
I certainly hope that Coke will also respond in a similar manner. I purchase an embarrassing amount of their product. (Diet Coke, yum!) This could be the spur I need to rethink my buying habits.

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