Jason who? (Fortuny Fumbles Fame)

Well it looks like Jason Fortuny is back online again.


Jason Fortuny.


The CraigsList sex scammer guy - Fortuny.

Eff Oh Ar Tee…

Oh yea, him. Whatever came of that?

Well he had about 14 minutes, 45 seconds of fame and was reviled by most and loved by some.

I remember that everyone wanted to kick his ass.

Except for his teeny-bopper fan club.

Yea.... Hey! Did he manage to turn his fifteen minutes of fame into real fame and fortune, like William Hung did from his American Idol fiasco?

Nope. He couldn't handle the heat, so he ran away and hid. He only recently came skulking back to the ‘net. No fame, no fortune. He did spend a lot of effort in the attempt to scrub his address and phone numbers off of the Internet.

So not only is he an ass, he’s a stupid ass.


Huh. How about that. Say, what’s on TV tonight?

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