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It's been a lazy Saturday for me. I've cooked a meatloaf, washed some laundry, read some Ingersoll and watched a movie.

I've also been online, catching up on some things. Here are a couple of things that I thought might be worth mentioning:

Atheist versus Christian bumper stickers.

I've seen other people here and there with Atheistic bumper stickers (more when I drive up to the San Jose area) and I've noticed something. You never see an Atheistic bumper sticker on a Lexus. You won't see one on an expensive car, or a new car. I'll bet the next Darwin fish you see will be on an older car - one that is a bit past its prime; or maybe even an old junker.

And why do you think that is? Do you see a cruddy car with a Darwin fish on it and think that God has frowned on the heretic, and forced him to live a life that is less successful than the Christian in the next lane, driving the nice car with a Jesus fish on the bumper? Do you think the driver is a granola-eating liberal who is driving his 'save the whales' car to his minimum wage job?

No. It's very likely that the person with the Atheist sticker, or Darwin fish put it on the cruddy car on purpose. This Atheist probably has a nicer second car - maybe even a Lexus. Atheists usually don't put a sticker or Darwin fish on their nice car out of fear.

Many Atheists are afraid to put anything about Atheism or evolution on their cars. Let me say that again - it is fear that prevents some Atheists from advertising their lack of faith. They are afraid of being subjected to Christian bigotry. They are afraid their car might be damaged. Maybe they are afraid a good Christian will run them off the road.

At one time I had a Darwin fish on my old pickup truck. I found the fish destroyed one day when I came out of the Sierra Vista mall. It had been pulled off my bumper, broken in half, and left on my windshield. (To make a point I guess.)

I put a new Darwin Fish on the bumper later, and in a grocery store parking lot the tail had been broken off. I guess the glue was too good this time because someone had to scrape to get under the tail - and took a little paint with it.

Somehow I don't think a non-religious person would care to take the time and effort to do this sort of thing - so I can only assume these acts were done by someone, "on fire for the Lord."

Shirley Setterbo's blog - 'Atheist Exposed'

Look, I told you before to go read Shirley Setterbo's blog, "Atheist Exposed" and maybe you listened, and maybe not. Shame on you if you didn't - it's not a long read, and it is so very powerful.

"Atheist Exposed" is about Shirley "coming out of the closet" as an atheist to her (mostly religious) coworkers. She's such a nice, sweet and upbeat person that you can't help but care for her. Go on - go and read it!

Done? Good. Are you wondering what happened to Shirley since then? Did you read her blog like I told you the first time? If yes, then you'll love to read her new blog, Atheist Exposed 2.

Her new blog tells of her coming out in a new office environment. It hasn't gone quiet as smoothly as the first time, and you can't help but worry.

Reading Shirley's blog makes me realize all over again how easy I have it at my work. I keep Atheistic symbols on my desk, and am open about my beliefs if (or when) they come up. It's never been a problem because my coworkers are so diverse. No one has ever, at my work, been crass enough to suggest that those who lack Jesus will go to Hell. No one has even suggested that we pray. Pray to who? We are a diverse set of Engineers - Christian, Islamic, Jewish, Buddhist, Atheist, and how many others I don't know.

And speaking of bumper stickers - Shirley has one on her car that says "Decent, Honest, Atheist"

I think that's a pretty brave thing to do.

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